Description of Resource:

In Real Life is a free suite of video resources designed to help teachers initiate conversations, peer-to-peer learning and exploration of the online world.

As a flexible and innovative secondary classroom resource, In Real Life is designed and created in collaboration with over 50 young people aged 12 – 19 years and developed alongside our project research partner The Young and Resilient Research Centre and their report Reimagining Online Safety Education Through The Eyes of Young People Report. The Reimagining Online Safety Education Through The Eyes of Young People Report identified that: “Online safety education is typically designed by adults for young people. As a consequence, it often reflects adult perspectives and concerns.

While existing education has been somewhat successful in raising young people’s awareness about online harms, young Australians report gaps in their online safety skills and knowledge, particularly around managing difficult experiences online and supporting others through negative experiences. They also describe feeling misunderstood and disempowered by current online safety messaging.” Why In Real Life is different?

In contrast, In Real Life center the voices, experiences and perspectives of young people. The result is this suite of videos and a range of tools and ideas for how we can support students to discuss and explore relevant and topical issues relate to their lives and relationships online.

How is your resource seeking to build digital environments that foster children’s well-being?    

IN REAL LIFE is de-centring the extremes of online safety education, and offering children and young people an opportunity to explore and consider the day to day role of digital technology and their online interactions to improve their health and well-being beyond the extreme risks and into the everyday experience. It deals with the impacts and ways to better manage parts of life like friendship, body image, distraction, identity and finding your community and place.

How can people get involved or contribute to your initiative?

IN REAL LIFE is a free resource for people to access, download and build into their online safety programs to offer students a voice within them. Visit the site at

Organizations Involved:

Project Rockit

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