Connected Well-being

Description of Initiative

The Connected Wellbeing Initiative of the Connected Learning Alliance brings together researchers, designers, educators, and funders to accelerate youth and community-powered innovations for fostering wellbeing in a digitally connected world. We believe that social media, online games, and digital media production offer untapped opportunities to build supportive connections that counter marginalization and discrimination.

How is your initiative seeking to build digital environments that foster children’s well-being? 

The Connected Wellbeing Impact Studio supports 11 early- to mid-stage innovations that model the broader community’s principles: centering youth as leaders as well as beneficiaries; investing in caring relationships and communities; and developing solutions from youth identities, interests and lived experiences.

As participants in the Impact Studio, teams benefit from personalized advising, capacity building opportunities, and cross-sector connections to accelerate impact and build shared purpose. Our free workshops are led by experts on effective practices, growth, and validation strategies. Connected Wellbeing leaders, innovators, and champions attend these workshops to learn ways to improve the work they do and build new cross-sector relationships.

The Connected Wellbeing Initiative brings together efforts to foster youth and community wellbeing through three established, research-informed approaches from the connected learning community:

Connecting to people who get you – With the right design and moderation, online settings can offer safe, supportive, and affirming connection with peers with shared interests and experiences. Supportive online communities and affinity networks can offer spaces of refuge.

Harnessing tech for equity and inclusion

Empowering youth to create and re-imagine with digital tools is critical to changing the equation of who technology serves. These youth development orgs reflect the strengths, identities, and culture of youth underestimated by the dominant culture of technology.

Diversifying and amplifying youth voice – Young people know they are not alone when they see their strengths and lived experiences represented online by relatable peers. Youth media organizations support wellbeing by empowering diverse youth creators.

How can people get involved or contribute?

We encourage all who share the values of Connected Wellbeing to join the community: sign up for our newsletter, attend our workshops online, drop in to our meetups in person, and come hang out on our Discord server. Our cross-sector connections strengthen our work, individually and collectively, and we want you to join us!

Organizations involved

Connected Learning Alliance

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